Mummy & Me Portrait Photography – Tamborine Botanic Gardens – Carly & Oakland

Carly brought her almost two year old son Oakland for a photoshoot with me to celebrate and mark the end of their breastfeeding journey and for some amazing mother and son portraits! Oakland was conceived via IVF and his birth was broadcast on Channel 7’s Gold Coast Medical. Since Carly was embarking on a new round of IVF, continuing to breastfeed Oakland was extremely hard – I will be sharing her breastfeeding story in a future post as it is amazing!

Carly blogs about IVF, pregnancy & parenthood over at her blog Perils of a Passable Parent and her and her partner Alee were the first couple to take the Evermore Pledge – a legal package that grants same sex couples a lot of the same rights as married couples.

We shot in the late afternoon at Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens. The gardens were pretty quiet and the autumn leaves were thick on the ground. Oakland absolutely loved picking up the leaves one by one and inspecting them thoroughly and was delighted when Carly threw great big handfuls into the air! Autumn is one of my absolute favourite seasons and I just love the red rusty tones of fallen leaves.

Being a typical two year old, Oakland was not about to make my life easy by looking at the camera and smiling, so I took my time to get to know him and photograph him playing from a bit of a distance. He was very shy with me, which apparently is very unusual for him, but sometimes the camera can have that effect on the little ones. Carly told me about one foolproof way that we could make him laugh, it was slightly unorthadox but let’s just say that watching videos on YouTube of people falling over is the height of hilarity for this toddler! It worked a treat and I was able to capture his amazing smile.

Carly kept it simple but classic in a white spaghetti strap top and black maxi skirt which showed off her tattoos. A simple flower crown in her blonde hair set off the outfit perfectly. Oakland, ever the trendsetter, wore ripped light blue jeans and a cool white T shirt with netting detail.

Carly has purchased a keepsake portrait box with her favourite images printed on fine art paper, along with some canvas wall art to grace the walls of their home.

If you would like to book a family portrait session for yourself, please click the button below to get in touch with me! I can’t wait to hear from you.


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