Mount Tamborine Family Photography – The Capps Family

We shot their family portraits on Tamborine Mountain at the Botanic Gardens. I am so lucky to live on the Mountain – I think it is the most beautiful part of Australia and after living here for three years I couldn’t imagine calling anywhere else home again! The Botanic Gardens on Forsythia Drive are absolutely magical and have been described as “The Jewel in the Crown of the Scenic Rim” by somebody much more poetic than me!

Family of five sitting together and smiling for the camera at their Mount Tamborine Family Photography Session

Charli and Frankie are both absolutely obsessed with fairies, their fairy wands (and Frankie’s fairy wings) tipped me off, so to ensure they had a great time at the shoot, I told them that if they were very good then I would show them the magical fairy house at the gardens. Well this definitely had the desired effect, and the girls smiled, laughed and twirled for my camera in anticipation! After being asked a few times if we were going to the fairy house next, I started to worry that I had slightly oversold the spot that I planned to take them! At the back of the gardens is a cute little paved mosaic path, with a small water mill – I thought this could definitely pass for a fairy house and luckily for me, the girls agreed! Phew!

Big sister and little sister hold hands and laugh during their Mount Tamborine Family Photography Session

The number one question that clients ask me prior to a shoot is what should they wear for their family portraits. I will definitely be adding Sylvia and her family into my guide on how to do it right! Sylvia, Luke and little Kruger all wore navy blue on their top halves, and Luke and Kruger even had matching outfits, which was so so cute! Sylvia wore a whimsical blue, purple and white maxi skirt, which added just the right amount of colour to her outfit. She popped the girls in cream and gold dresses – Charli rocked some gold sequins and Frankie showed off her fairy credentials with some wings on the back of her dress. The girls also had their fairy wands – it can be a great idea to give young kids something to hold during the shoot because it really increases their comfort level in front of the camera, and stops us from having to part them from the pet stick that they adopt half way through the session!

Blonde girl holds a flower in her hand and smiles for the camera for her Mount Tamborine Family Photography Session at the Botanic Gardens

Sylvia & Luke purchased a keepsake portrait box with a selection of their favourite images from the session, along with some canvas wall art to grace their beautiful home.

I recieved this email from Sylvia the day after the session:

“We had a wonderful time, the littlest 2 crashed out in the way home and Charli chatted the whole way home about fairies and magic gardens. We can’t wait to see the photos”

I am so happy that the Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens captured the imagination of the girls and that my magic fairy house strategy worked so well! A lot of people worry that their young children won’t behave themselves during a shoot, but I think I have pretty much dealt with nearly every possible scenario and still come out with amazing images! My philosophy is not about making children perform for the camera, but making them feel safe and secure in expressing themselves during the shoot so that I can capture their personalities just as they are at home – no forced smiles!

Mum and dad smile at their young baby at their Family Photography Session on Mount Tamborine

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Tamborine Mountain Family Reunion Photography

Tamborine Mountain Family Reunion Photography

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