My name is Vicky Joseph (née Nelson) and I am the owner and principal photographer at Victoria Nelson Photography. My passion is bringing people joy through creating images that capture the most beautiful aspects of themselves and their loved ones.


My story begins with the first camera my parents bought for me as a child growing up in England. Of course back in the 1980’s this was a film camera and I was always saving my pocket money to buy rolls of film and get them developed at the local chemist. I remember the frisson of excitement that I used to get when I opened the little paper envelopes that contained the prints, and the smell of the photographic paper and inks. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I am so passionate today about printing images, instead of leaving them to degrade as digital files on USB sticks or online. 

Fast-forward 20 years or so and you find me with a very early digital camera in my hand with a renewed interest in photography now that memory cards and computers were starting to take the place of film and printing. 

Another 4 years would see me meeting my husband Daniel and moving to Auckland together to start a new life. The extraordinary natural beauty of New Zealand inspired the artist in me like never before and I was lucky enough to travel the entire country during the 5 years I lived there. 

In 2012 I moved to Queensland, Australia and my interest in photography grew to new heights. With much encouragement from friends and family, Victoria Nelson Photography was born in 2013 and I am extremely proud of the body of work that I have built up.

Today, I live in the incredible rainforest setting of  Tamborine Mountain with my husband Daniel and our children David and Grace.





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Tamborine Mountain Family Reunion Photography

One of the most popular types of photography sessions that I offer is Tamborine Mountain family reunion photography. What better way to celebrate a big family get together than with a professional photoshoot? In this post you can have a look into a recent session and see what you can expect!

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