10 Reasons Why You Need An Engagement Shoot

Wondering whether you should do an engagement shoot? Here’s why you absolutely should!

By Victoria Nelson

1. Celebrate your Love!

The fact that you found your person out there in the era of Tinder & internet dating is nothing short of a miracle and deserves to be celebrated! With professional photography!

2. It’s great practice for your wedding day

Do you want to spend your wedding day worrying whether you are nailing the poses your photographer is guiding you through, or whether they are making you look your best? If you’ve already had your engagement shoot with me, you KNOW I’ve got your back!

3. Get to know your photographer

If you are going to spend the whole of your wedding day with your photographer, from getting ready in the morning through to dancing the night away, you had better make sure that you gel as people. The engagement shoot gives you a chance to break the ice and get to know your photographer BEFORE the wedding morning jitters set in!

4. Let your photographer get to know you

Every person is different and will need to be photographed differently to get the best end result. Maybe it is some clever posing to make your arms look amazing, or maybe you need some extra coaching to make that smile look natural instead of forced and cheesy. We can work through all this in your engagement shoot so that your wedding day runs smoothly and stress free! I love to get to know my couples really well so that on the wedding day I can really show who you are as a couple in your photography, this is why I remain friends with so many of the couples I photograph.

5. You can give feedback to the photographer

I’m not a snowflake, I can cope with some feedback! Don’t like how your nose looks in that side profile shot? Just let me know and I can make sure you don’t see it in your wedding photos. 

6. location location location

For your engagement shoot, you can choose a location that tells the story of your relationship and who you are as people. Are you coffee lovers like me? Lets head to your fave little cafe and shoot there. Did you meet at university? Lets head to your old campus and shoot around your old haunts. Getting married on the beach? Lets head to the rainforest for a totally different scenery. The world is your lobster!

7. The photos are actually really useful

There are soooo many awesome things you can do with your engagement photos. Update your Facebook profile pic with an awesome shot that will make all your friends jealous, use the images in your wedding save the date cards, invitations or thank you cards, create a cool “story of us” display for your wedding reception, be totally sorted for birthday and Christmas presents for parents & grandparents for the whole year……..

8. Camera shy grooms turn into male models

Not being sexist here but generally the guys HATE having their photos taken initially and are more uncomfortable in front of the camera than the ladies. By being able to work with the photographer pre-wedding we can break the ice and reassure them that we aren’t going to make them look stupid or cheesy. Once they see how badass they look in the engagement photos they are way more keen for photos on the wedding day!

9. It’s fun

Really! It’s a few hours out of your day to dress up, go to an awesome location and really connect as a couple. You’ll forget I’m even there as you cuddle and whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears! Many couples choose to go out for a romantic dinner afterwards and everybody always tells me how much they loved their engagement shoot.

10. ???

Okay, I couldn’t think of another reason, but I couldn’t call this “9 Reasons to have an Engagement Shoot” could I?



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